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[20 Mar 2007|04:39pm]
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wow...I love my brain [01 Feb 2007|09:20pm]
I just feel asleep for two hours and dreamed this amazing fantasy videogame/anime that I was in. I just barely pulled the memory back into my mind, too. (very rarely can I remember dreams past the groggy waking up stage, I have to get lucky and wait for something during the day to remind me of the dream) It posited a small group of highly skilled magic users trying to protect their communities in a world where the nature of magic was rapidly mutating for reasons the group could guess at, but which held certainty frustratingly out of reach. The 'game' portion was how I could choose the actions of some members of the group, after they ran around investigating, panicing, trying to figure out what was going on, etc. The individual I directed each time would decide to take the action I chose, even defying the other members of the group if they had a working theory saying that the action was insane. At one point my happenstance solution to saving a fortress of the middle eastern styled dwarf lord (mixed theme going on there, it was an odd blend of cultures), beset by nasty hard to kill zombies, involved letting the dwarf lord do what he really wanted to do and invoke the totality of his power to blow the whole zombie horde attacking the fortress. Unfortunately the explosion also took out the few hundred people he was protecting and the nearby groups of soldiers we were rushing to his aid. Big mess. Several members of the group thought that the origin of the zombie problem was a failed attempt by one particular member to resurrect some other civilians before the big problem, and when he wanted to try again they thought that he would just turn all the dead civilians into zombies. I overrided though and made him do it anyway- what followed was an intricate setup for the ritual, which involved calling the phone of every dead person to be resurrected and all the living people, who needed healing from the various trials they'd been through with the zombie problem. So we set up a telephone network while the other members of the group kept the area mostly clear of zombies, and I saw a megalomanical (if you told it something existed, it insisted on being given it. When we said we were saving the world, it demanded the world in the manner of a small child. Then it decided it wanted our telephone network, even though it had no idea what it did.) little fire spirit that I helped the resurrection ritual group member kill completely by rubbing it out of the wood window sill that it eventually retreated to after it had been made a lot smaller. We knew that if the telephone resurrection ritual was disturbed in the slightest it would probably make everyone into zombies, so squishing the annoying fire spirit was important. (I had the odd feeling that I'd done this before, and missed the fire spirit, and it interrupted the ritual and everyone got zombied) We also knew that some aspect of the ritual was universal- anyone we didn't 'call' would be zombified, so we had to be really careful to get all the bodides. Finally the group member invoked the ritual, with all the dead people were back to back and side to side in a long line, propped up into a sitting position for some odd point of the arabish people's honor. The people to be healed, including myself, were sort of slumped around inside the main area but outside of the line. Bodies started waking up all of a sudden, the arabish people singing prayers in an arabish language I didn't know. Then there were pillars of light around people levitating them up 30 feet into the air, and then I was in one and Sarah was next to me. We said 'Oh my God' at once, and I thought about the religious connotations. Was this proof? It sure seemed like it. I reached out to take her around the waist as we rose, and the beam seemed to struggle to lift us. I said: "It doesn't seem to be designed to handle that." as it let us down. Then we went to find the group member that invoked the resurrection ritual, where he was tending his family store. (for some odd reason) We congratulated him and asked if it had healed everyone, and he said yes. Sarah asked about...something I can't recall now, and homosexuality. And he said yes, of course, they're both cured. And we gasped, and I woke up.
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What else rhymes with Meme? I can only think of Phlegm [16 Feb 2006|06:23pm]
The latest meme. I'm always surprised at how fast these spread.

This one isn't your run of the mill grand daddy's meme, and it might even be useful. I often think that if we could see ourselves as others saw us, we'd learn about ourselves far faster, speeding up the self improvement process. Here's a way to see through someone else's eyes, just a peek, with word association.

Have fun :)

See what you think of me, and what I think of myself.
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